"Verne & Vernon Gallery is launched in 2016 with attempts of the two co-founders to make things happen, things that make sounds, things that we kept silent, things that are both ourselves and our opposites. Quark. Quark. Quark. Things that secretly link to one another. Things that penetrates probability making a possible room for a single pixel. Verne & Vernon Gallery’s special interest is on mapping experimental projects and long term thinking routes of young artists. Verne & Vernon Gallery seeks for new currents of thoughts and structures of sensibility in the practices of gallery and artist through varied forms such as exhibitions, residency programs and publication."

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West Bund Art & Design Fair, Shanghai


1. The most unforgettable films are the ones that trick you to sleep?

2. Can we switch a gallery to sleep/suspended mode like a phone, a laptop, a coma?

3. To participate a show is to login into an account?

4. Imitate all the texts circulating in an art fair, writing exercises in style: How can we target the varied preferences of collectors and professional audiences, the trending keywords hovering up there?

5. There must be eye catching stories behind gallery founders, artist and artworks, or at least funny anecdotes that trigger an elegant small talk?

6. I did a survey among artist friends: Which nationality would be most popular in recent years?

7. How to break down the conceptual framework of an art piece into task packages, then outsource them to anonymous artists, each completing their own part?

8. How far away will the final works deviate after being assembled by managers on site?

9. Study on names of artist dead and alive, make use of while avoid associative combinations. What would be a proper name for a female artist who was born in Viet Nam and later adopted by an American couple with curly hair and a sweet backyard?

10. I look forward to future logins of anonymous artists into our various IDs. Are they authentic enough to be attractive or vice versa?

11. Are we able to sell anything when gallery managers are asleep?

12. If a ventriloquist makes a life-size dummy which also acts like a real human, living with the maker day in day out, how can you tell who is the ventriloquist? (Jules Vernon)

13. Can the audiences tell if it's a performance or a real deal?

14. How can a gallery without physical space leak itself into reality by transactions only?


Based on these questions and beyond, I collaborated with Li Ming on "Suspended Gallery " which originally was planned to be a one time performance. Although we were well covered in the media as "visionary emerging gallery" , nothing was sold in the art fair. However, one photography from To Quang Thu was collected later. Thanks to the purchase, Verne & Vernon is proved to be a functioning gallery. Please check the brochure above, contact Miss Chloe Leung for further information at