Opening Performance: 06.10 (20:00)

Exhibition Duration: 09.10 - 27.10 2023; Mon. - Fri. 10:00 - 15:00

Lange Nacht der Münchner Museen: Performance 14.10 (19:30; 22:30); Exhibition (18:00 - 01:00)

Artists: Pierre-Yves Delannoy, Yuchu Gao, Eunju Hong, Chaeeun Lee, Haha Wang, Jianling Zhang

Location: Nymphenburger Str. 26, Munich

The office’s mission is to protect unanswered questions, unsettled issues, pending matters, cold cases, suspended judgments, and porous closures. As a benchmark of the consultancy industry, we focus on prolonging the lifespan of unsolved issues throughout the globe and endeavor to accelerate the world’s transition to greater uncertainty.

This project is supported by BBK Verbindungslinien and Akademieverein München; organized by Zurich Bezirksdirektion Maximilian Koch and

南京国际艺术博览会 NAFI 27.09 - 30.09 2023

清影艺术空间 Inna Art Space 

Booth: B20


Artists: Bignia Wehrli, Chen Dongfan, Candida Höfer, Li Xi, Liao Wenfeng, Liu Beining, Wang Jiajun, Yi Lian, Zhang Jianling, Zhen Wenxin


Dauer: 07.09 - 21.09. 2023; Ort: AkademieGalerie | U-Bahnhof Universität | Ausgang Akademiestraße; Öffnungszeiten: Do | 07.09. & Fr | 08.09. | 17:00 - 21:00 Uhr, Sa | 09.09. & So | 10.09. | 10:00 - 18:00 Uhr, danach Di - Sa | 17:00 - 20:00 Uhr 

Schauspielerinnen: Barbara Altmann, Gabi Geist, Esther Straimer, Eva Tomanke; DoP: Lara Fritz; Komponist: Jun Bae; Kostüme Management: Yuchu Gao; Props Management und tragbare Objekte: Danni Chen; Stylistin: Haha Wang; Fotodokumentation: Bokyoung Jeong; Projektkoordinator: Mathias Hettmann

Equipment-Unterstützung durch NEU WORKSHOP. Besonderer Dank geht auch an: Theater „Die Runde 70“, Kinderhaus „Die Sternschnuppen“, Kompetenzzentrum Demenz München, Sportschule Oberhaching, Chaeeun Lee, Volker Möllenhoff, Yiyuan Zhang und David Ilzhöfer. 

Dieses Kunstprojekt wird ermöglicht durch den Medienkunstpreis 2023 der Kunststiftung Ingvild und Stephan Goetz, in Kooperation mit der Sammlung Goetz und der Akademie der Bildenden Künste München.


Group show with Chaeeun Lee, Eunju Hong, Pierre-Yves Delannoy, Yuchu Gao

Opening: 25.04.2023, 7pm 

Duration: 26.04. - 27.05.2023, Tue. to Sat., 1pm - 7pm 

Location: Kunstarkaden, Sparkassenstraße 3, 80331 München

Kunstarkaden is located in Sparkassenstraße, which was named after the Sparkasse building in 1907. The street used to be a small canal, which carried small goods and rubbish around the city. Nowadays, it's surrounded by luxury shops, tourist center and banks. Five Munich-based artists would like to propose an artistic intervention, which reflects the past, present and future of money. Recreated countless times through the history, money has taken forms of shell, stone, feather, paper, metal, even cigarettes, yet the inherent value has never relied on material reality. Instead, it's a psychological construct, a mutual trust system and collective imagination. Through video, painting, sculpture, and installation, different perspectives will traverse the theme of value, (im)materiality, narrative contagion, labor, fraud, and especially the belief system of our society, which binds them all together.


Group show with Danni Chen and Jiangyue Guo, in the framework of SCHMUCK 2023.

Duration: 08.03 - 27.03. 2023

Location: 24h visible, Ausgang E, U-Bahn Station Odeonsplatz

More info and stories:


Duration: 10.02.2023 - 14.02.2023

Location: Cafeteria, Neubau, Akademie der Bildenden Künste München

DoP: Lara Fritz; Performers: Chaeeun Lee, Yuchu Gao; Composer: Giovanni Raabe; Sound recordist: Daniel Kuhr; Metal devices: Danni Chen; Charcoal drawing, props and costumes management: Yuchu Gao; Photo documentation: Phuong Thao Nguyen, Chaeeun Lee

Equipment support from NEU WORKSHOP. Special thanks also go to Volker Möllenhoff, Jiangyue Guo, David Ilzhöfer, Maria Matinyan, Zhenyu Sun


Niki in Kunst Oase (Hohenzollernstr. 58) stayed with us through the filming nights then made us Espresso cocktails in the mornings, when a mechanical squirrel watched us sipping from floral tea cups, with gilded rim, scratched. Golden particles jumped from one lip to another, whispers passed around, be aware, new life could be highly contagious.


"Early Signs" is the first chapter of ongoing project "The First and Final Girl", which looks into the reproductive powers of women as stories unfold one night after another.