exhibition view, Cafeteria im Neuebau, AdBK München

Extended Nights

photography, 225 x 150cm


three-channel video installation, photography, sound collage 


Niki in Kunst Oase (Hohenzollernstr. 58, Munich) stayed with us through the filming nights then made us Espresso cocktails in the mornings, when a mechanical squirrel watched us sipping from floral tea cups, with gilded rim, scratched. Golden particles jumped from one lip to another, whispers passed around, be aware, new life could be highly contagious.


"Early Signs" is the first chapter of ongoing project "The First and Final Girl", which looks into the reproductive powers of women as stories unfold one night after another. 

Camerawoman: Lara Fritz

Performers: Chaeeun Lee, Yuchu Gao

Composer: Giovanni Raabe

Sound Recordist: Daniel Kuhr

Metal Devices: Danni Chen

Charcoal drawing, props and costumes management: Yuchu Gao

Photo documentation: Phuong Thao Nguyen, Chaeeun Lee

Equipment support from NEU WORKSHOP

Special thanks also go to Volker Möllenhoff, Jiangyue Guo, David Ilzhöfer, Maria Matinyan, Zhenyu Sun