exhibition view in Merkurov, Gyumri, Armenia

stills from film


double-channel video installation, photography


“Formation I: Skin and Stone” is a group portrait of young wrestlers, ancient idols, nimble fingers, petrified bones, porous tuff and heavy breath. “Formation II: Vlad and Vahe” zooms in on the daily training and fictional fatigue of two brothers in Gyumri. 

Vlad Hovhannisyan and Vahe Hovhannisyan performed as themselves, on the filming day, we were warmly supported by their father. Special thanks also goes to assistant camerawoman and project coordinator Ani Ghulinyan, who works as journalist and photographer in Yerevan. The sound was designed by musician Vardan Harutyunyan, he is currently based in Yerevan as well. Hasmik Simonyan, archaeologist working in History Museum of Armenia, shared with us amazing advices and stories, she took us on an archaeology trip with professionalism and passion.