“It just doesn't work. Counting alone is not enough. He closes his eyes again: the fungal spores spread by the wind settle on the first leaf, forming olive-brown spots on the top and a whitish layer of fungi underneath. The second leaf initially turns glassy-rotten, later develops typical gray mildew. In the veins of the third leaf, it is difficult to detect the insects, size of only a few millimeters, without a magnifying glass. It smells like starchy spray against pests. Unfortunately, too late for the fourth leaf. Due to hail, storm, frost, drought, etc., the damage appears in varied ways, for example, the fifth leaf is curled up, hardened and gilded. The sixth leaf, once the largest, has constantly shrunk, even to the size of a toddler, pieces of arms and legs, green-black, soon brown-black ... ”

[a night of Kamlesh Meena's quarantine on the tree]

pavilion of the rootless.pdf

Pavilion of the Rootless

digital print

snapshot of the interface

RiTa library is applied in MONILOGS (2020) to experiment on computational literature in the form of monolog, which is shown on the monitor (with image from gif library) after temperature measurement of audiences.

thermometer, performance, programming 

technical support from Gurur Öner

 Blitz Club, München