This is the other side of THE YOUNG MAN WITH MUSTACHE, ONDINE, the storyline of which is chopped up and spreaded in the conversions between telephone operators and passengers. The video clips originate from the abandoned materials of THE YOUNG MAN WITH MUSTACHE, ONDINE, with a new emphasis on the surface of the spaces where the activities of filmmaking took place. 

Texts are weaved in textures, vice versa.

video installation, photography, objects

exhibition view, OCAT Shanghai


Object List: 

1.     Furniture moves with the ocean waves in his cabin, sliding attentively and crashing violently over the three meters long video projection.  

2.     He lost consciousness next to different furniture then woke up leaning on wooden legs, uncertain of his position in the space of two meters long video projection. 

3.     An armchair is approaching super typhoon “Dolphin”; a red curly hair is quivering in the cushion woven with orange and brown fiber. 

4.     A transparent wine bottle adorned with blue English letters is lit up by a beam of a mini projector. 

5.     In his telephone recordings with the night shift telephone operator every time he got drunk, he repeatedly emphasized his fascination with dizziness, until both of them came up with an unconventional story.  

6.     A black and white photograph is the only historical document, according to the reports at that time, the deflected light blinked deep blue and golden yellow, eventually culminating in brilliant creamy white. 

7.     A swinging light.